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Our philosophy at Layton Retrievers is to “bring out the best.”

Our approach to training your dog to retrieve is individualized and consistent. This provides a solid foundation as each new skill is added. Our goal is to lead them to experience the joy of doing what they were made to do, the satisfaction of success and to bring out their best.

Since each dog learns at their own pace, training involves much time and repetition and there is no definite timetable for completion. We recommend leaving your dog with us for at least four months, and will communicate regularly regarding their progress. We also encourage a tune-up month before hunting season to continue your dog’s development.

We invite clients to become involved in the training process because at Layton Retrievers our desire is to have satisfied clients and happy confident dogs.

Basic Obedience – $600/mo

Basic Obedience is based on the AKC Good Dog Citizen program. The best time to start your dog in obedience is after six months of age, however, dogs of any age can benefit from obedience training. In this program your dog is taught to walk at your side without pulling, sit on command, and come any time when called. They are also taught the down command which means they are to lay down and be still and the off command which means all four paws on the ground waiting patiently without jumping up. Basic obedience will most likely require 2 to 3 months of training.


  • Heal on lead
  • Sit on command
  • Come when called
  • Learning the “down” command
  • Learning the “off” command
  • Basic Gun Dog Training
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Gun Dog Training – $650/mo

At Layton Retrievers your dog will receive training that is built on experience, proven methods and success. Our program is easy for your dog to learn because it is repetitive and methodical and allows them to gain the skills to be successful. Obedience is foundational to the program at Layton Retrievers and is a prerequisite for our gun dog training. We customize our program to your dog in such a way that will help them learn in the most efficient manner. Your gun dog will be evaluated throughout the training process, which usually lasts between four to six months.


  • Sit on Command
  • Single retrieve on land and in water
  • Deliver to hand
  • Force fetch
  • Intermediate Gun Dog Training
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Hunt Test Training – $700/mo

In today’s retriever world, Hunt Tests are the standard used to see how well your dog will respond in a life-like hunt situation. We offer training for AKC Junior, Senior and Master titles. At the Junior level the test requires two land and water marks delivered to hand. At the Senior and Master level the tests require the dog to be able to achieve multiple long-range marks, honor other working dogs, and perform blind retrieves. Our program takes your dog through each of the techniques necessary to be able to pass the tests you desire. This is a lengthy process and will take several months of hunt test training in order to qualify for a title.


  • Heal off lead
  • Retrieve multiple marks on land and in water
  • Sit on whistle
  • Hand signals
  • Steady to shot
  • Advance Gun Dog Training

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What people are saying


“Greg Layton truly puts all of his expertise and passion into the dogs that he trains. I was blown away by Lady Remington’s obedience and the knowledge that had been instilled in her. I strongly recommend Layton Retrievers, and will use them again in the future.”

–Matt Williams from Redding, California

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